THE FIRST Sogang University International Graduate Student CONFERENCE ON EAST AND SOUTH EAST ASIAN STUDIES

About Sogang University in Seoul, South Korea

Educational Mission
  • Sogang university was established by the Society of Jesus to provide an education based on Catholic belief and inspired by the Jesuit educational philosophy, in conformity with the Korean tradition of education.
  • Sogang University's goal is to educate the whole human person on foundations of love and faith, encouraging all its members to be intent on the pursuit of learning in a sincere quest for truth.
  • Through this education, we aim to cultivate people of talent who will devote their lives to the development of a humanistic culture and the union of all mankind.
Educational Goals
  • As an educational institution under the guidance of the Society of Jesus, Sogang University aims to provide an education that teaches the veneration of God and an understanding of life's true meaning, according to the tradition established by Jesuit universities throughout the world over the last 460 years.
  • The education offered at Sogang University is designed to form intellectuals who combine academic excellence and creative originality, following the Jesuit tradition that has always pursued qualitative prominence.
  • It is designed to train citizens with outstanding leadership abilities, able to contribute to society and the nation in a spirit of devotion and a sense of responsibility, with mature and integrated characters, true cosmopolitans able to contribute to the national prosperity and world peace, equipped with an understanding of the changes the world is undergoing and the current of the times, and able to respond to them with sound critical judgment.
  • Founded 1960
  • President Prof. Jongwook Lee
  • Location 1 Shinsu-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul 121-742, Korea
    3 subway stations near the university: Sinchon station (Line #2), Ewha Womans University (Line #2), Daeheung Station (Line #6)
  • Campus 31 buildings, 50 acres

  • Enrollment (Spring 2010)
    • Undergraduate Students: 11,516
    • Graduate Students: 3,581
    • International Students: 470
    • Faculty (full-time): 388
    • Faculty (adjunct): 650
  • International Aspects (As of March 2010) 191 institutional collaborations in 50 countries. Over 400 students study abroad every year and around 2,500 international students study annually at Sogang in various academic programs.
    Academic Units
    • Undergraduate Programs
      • School of Humanities
      • School of Social Sciences
      • School of Natural Sciences
      • School of Engineering
      • School of Economics
      • Sogang Business School (Undergraduate Program)
      • School of Communication
    • Graduate Programs
      • The Graduate School
      • Professional Graduate Schools
        • Graduate School of International Studies
        • Sogang Business School (Graduate Programs)
        • Graduate School of Media Communications
        • Graduate School of Theology
        • Law School
      • Special Graduate Programs
        • Graduate School of Public Policy
        • Graduate School of Education
        • Graduate School of Economics
        • Graduate School of Mass Communication
        • Graduate School of Information and Technology
Life at Sogang

  • Housing The Gonzaga Hall is located on campus. It was opened in August 2008 for Korean and international students. It holds a total capacity of 950 persons. On-campus Accommodation(double rooms, two meals included/day): KRW 1,856,400 (For 2010)

  • Campus Life There are a total of 75 student clubs and associations currently at Sogang University including Taekwondo, Korean traditional music, Korean traditional dance clubs, and many more related to the Korean culture. Students can also participate actively in areas of interest such as sports and music.

  • Technology Sogang University concentrates on creating a suitable environment for the cultivation of Korea's top global leaders. At Sogang, students can take care of all their needs on a digital campus. Wireless coverage for most classrooms, labs, library and other public spaces.

  • Library Loyola Library opened in April, 1960 when the university was established. It was named Loyola Library in honor of the founder of the Society of Jesus. Loyola Library has over 2,500 seats for studying and the collections include 800,000 volumes of monographs, about 6,200 titles of scholarly journals, 40,000 volumes of reference materials. Also it has microform materials, audio and video materials, old and rare materials, Web DB, e-Journals, and e-Books. We hold a "Library Week" every year, and hold regularly "User education" to help users research and study.

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